The Warrior was the second of class in Dungeon Quest

Class Special Trait

The Warrior's special trait is HP. For each point of HP purchased at level up, the Warrior gains 1 point to all his Armor stats.


Skills in Dungeon Quest are based on what type of weapon you equip. Warrior Skill Uses Mana, a source of energy to cast its spell.

There are 4 types of Mainhand weapons and 4 types of off-hand weapons below.

Each type of weapon gives you access to different skills


Ui mainhand warrior axe1
Main Skill Cleave
Cleaves all enemies in front of the warrior with a 30% chance to cause bleeding
Special Skill Whirlwind
Spins furiously for 3 seconds, striking everyone in range for (rank)% weapon DMG
Ui mainhand warrior sword1
Main Skill Flurry
Slashes enemies very quickly with a 50% extra attack chance
Special Skill ThrowSword
Launches the Warrior's sword forward, piercing through enemies for (rank)% DMG
Ui mainhand warrior hammer1
Main Skill Smash
Smashes the ground causing an shockwave that DMGs for (rank)% DMG
Special Skill EarthShatter
Erupts the ground infront of the warrior, stunning enemies and causing a large crater for (rank)% DMG
Ui mainhand warrior lance1
Main Skill Charge
Lunges forward, knocking back all enemies along the way for (rank)% weapon DMG
Special Skill Knight's Charge
The Warrior rushes forward, dealing up to (rank)% weapon DMG with knockback


Ui offhand warrior shield
Main Skill Bash
Deals (rank)% offhand DMG to all enemies with 100% Knockback
Special Skill ShieldWall
Reduces all DMG taken by 40% and +Reflect DMG by (rank)% for 4 seconds.
Ui offhand warrior horn
Main Skill Sprint
Increase speed by 50% and leaves behind pools of elements that deals (rank)% offhand DMG
Special Skill Torrent
Summons three Torrents that deals (rank)% offhand DMG each tick
Ui offhand warrior hatchet
Main Skill Toss
Throws 3 hatchets with a 30% chance to cause bleeding on impact
Special Skill Scalp
Summons 3 rotating hatchets dealing (rank)% offhand DMG every .5 sec with 100% bleed chance
Ui offhand warrior totem
Main Skill Fear
Plants a Totem in the ground that DMGs and fears all nearby enemies
Special Skill Taunt
Plants a Totem in the ground that DMGs and pulls all nearby enemies toward the Warrior


Name Effect
ChestMight(rank)% Elemental DMG
ChestBlessed(rank)% All Spell Resist
ChestCrushIncrease Shield DMG by (rank)% Block
ChestHardened(rank) Armor per Health stat point
ChestSharpenedSwords and Axes increase Crit DMG by (rank)%
ChestBrutalityBleeding enemies take (rank)% more damage
HeadFanaticism(rank)% to cast Charge on attack
HeadCleanseBlocking has a (rank)% chance to purge all negative effects and heal (rank) HP
HeadPhalanx(rank)% to cast Shield Wall on hit
HeadProvocation(rank)% to cast Taunt on attack
HeadLacerateIncrease Bleed DMG by (rank)%
HeadFustigate(rank)% chance to Stun enemies
RingZealousWhen above 75% HP, (rank)% Move and (rank2)% DMG
RingMindfulElement affected enemies give (rank)% MP Regen
RingBulwarkBlocked attack give (rank)% Block for 5 seconds
RingSalvationReduces all DMG taken by (rank)% Block%
RingAssault(rank)% chance to cast Toss on attack
RingSufferingBleeding enemies have (rank)% chance to miss
AmuletPrayerUsing offhand heals for (rank)% HP
AmuletWrathPeriodically DMGs nearby enemies for (rank)% DMG
AmuletReflectBlocked Attacks Reflect for (rank)% DMG
AmuletIntimidation(rank)% to cast Fear on hit
AmuletBloodbathHeal for (rank)% of Total HP when Bleed DMG is dealt
AmuletFrenzy(rank)% Move and Attack Speed Multiplier when enemies bleed