Inventory and Stashes


Screenshot 2015-04-24-17-26-22

Next Bag purchase price

Each bag has 20 slots in which players can put any items (Stuff, Crystals, Mythstones, Trophies, Pets,  consumables..). When a player starts the game, only 1 bag is usable. However, players can buy more bags to increase their carry space.

There are total 4 bags for 1 character, upgrade prices are stated below.

Bags Upgrade
Bag Price
1. free
2. 25 000 G
3. 50 000 G
4. 75 000 G

Total Cost

150 000 G


Screenshot 2015-04-24-18-00-20

Price for buying stash

Due to a lack of storage, Devs implemented a new type of bags : The stashes.

Unlike bags which are specifics to the characters, stashs are related to the account and then each character can use the stashes.

There are 4 of them total and upgrade prices are stated in table below.

Stashes Upgrade
Stash Price
1. 250 000 G
2. 500 000 G
3. 750 000 G
4. 1 000 000 G

Total Cost

2 500 000 G

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