ElemCrit Effect ElemCritDMG Effect
Arcane Orbit Chance to summon a 100% DMG Elemental orb on attack Celestial Increases DMG of Elemental orb by (rank)%
Ice Freeze Chance to encase enemy in ice for 3 seconds Frostbiting Increases DMG dealt to Frozen enemies by (rank)%
Poison Toxic Chance to spawn a poison cloud dealing 400% Poison DoT DMG Blight Increases DMG of Poison Cloud by (rank)%
Fire Immolate Chance to engulf the enemy in flames, increasing DoT dmg by 100% Blistering Immolate also causes enemy to Bleed for (rank)% of Fire DoT
Shock Paralysis Chance to stun for 3 seconds High Voltage Increases DMG dealt to paralyzed enemies by (rank)%

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