Set Affixes
Skill Description Minimum Maximum
AdventurerWhile Gold Collected indicator is showing, +Move Speed and DMG by (rank)%18
Aethereal DrainIncreases Elemental Crit Chance by (rank)% and Total MP by (rank2)%, elemental crits restore 1% MP. Removes MP Regen.18
AftermathGives Meteor (25 * rank)% Taunt proc, Shatter (25 * rank)% Fear proc, (rank)% Reset CD18
AngelicHeals Allies by .25 per rank of your base HP when you hit an enemy. Skills with CD's below 1 second have 5% per rank dmg and aps bonus.18
ArcanistApplies arcane debuff on all crits. Each enemy with arcan debuff increases total dmg by 4% per rank.18
AscendentIncreases all resist and prismatic effect (Chance for attacks to be different element) by 12.5% per rank. Reduces enemy's ither resists by 12.5% per rank when applying arcane effect.18
BallistaBoosts Thrown Item DMG by (rank)% for every yard traveled. Adds (rank2)% to Knockback18
Battle MageSkills -> Charge and Whirlwind. Total Armor % and Total HP increased by (rank)% (base= 20 * rank)18
BerserkerChance to stun enemies is equal your Attack Speed on gear. Each time you stun an enemy, restore (rank)% HP.18
Blood MagicReplaces all MP, MP Regen, and MP Leech with HP equivalents, and removes your MP bar. You now use HP to cast spells. Spell cost doubled. DMG increased by 80% of missing HP.18
BuccaneerScatter Shot's DMG increased by (rank)% of your Gold Find on gear18
Cerebral VortexIncreases MP and Total Resist% by Increases MP and Total Resist% by +12.5. +5% Chance to cast a Torrent on enemies that hit you18
Cosmic Power(rank)% MP and MP Regen. Time Warp adds (rank2)% DMG to projectiles18
Crushing FlamesIncreases the final DMG of Crushing Blow by 50% if the enemy is Immolated. Immolation DMG increased by +25%/18
CrystallineIncreased Crystal drop rarity +7.5% and Crystal Legend drop rate+50%18
Deadly ArtsDeadly Strikes have a (1 * rank)% chance to finish all Cooldowns, DMG taken reduced by Deadly Strike%18
DefiantIncreases DMG and reduce DMGtaken by 25% and 5% of total HP% missing18
DemonicEnemius hit by your attacks have +6% Reduced Healing for 5 seconds. Increases DMG to enemies below 25% Health by +20%18
DruidicHP and MP Regen (rank)%. Poison DoT DMG * (HP+MP Regen)/400018
ElectrifiedIncreases Paralyze +5% for weapons. Increases Reflect DMG +50% and is now a 25 Yard AoE18
ElectrocutionEach shock effect stack an enemy has grants 25% chanc to be dealth 100% increased DMG per rank while below 25% HP18
EpiphanyIncreases all stat caps by +5%18
EqualityIncreases DMG and All Regen by 7.5% per rank of your HP/MP equality %18
EternalizedIncreases Eternal drop rate +50%18
Faun's GiftsIncreases Total HP% and All Resist +12.5% Luck on Gear18
FrozenFrozen enemies create a (rank)% of DMG Dealt explosion when killed.18
GladiatorIncreases Trophy affixes by 6.2% Enemies hit by your attacks have +6.2% Recudes Healing for 5 seconds18
Haunting +15% to cast Fear with any skill that has a CD equal to or over 5 seconds. On Fear, enemies take +20% MH DMG18
HungerIncrease attack speed by 5% per rank while below 75% MP. When above 50% MP, MP restoration effect takes MP18
IdentifyIncreases DMG of spells from other calssed +12.5%18
IceburnWhile Mana Shield is active, deal (12 * rank)% MH DMG to nearby enemies18
InfernoIncreases ED +10% for weapon. DoT speed +10% for 4s with attacks18
Living ForceAll projectiles are pulled back to caster for (rank)% DMG on return18
MaelstormIncrease the DMG of all proc DMG by 7.5% per rank18
MayhemFor each unique spell proc you can trigger, gain +2.5 Proc DMG and +2% Chance to stun on all attacks18
MasochismIncrease DMG by 7.5% per rank when current HP is below 75% when above 50% HP, Healing effects damage you18
MomentumIncreases DMG +10% of tatal MS bonus18
Mythical(25 * rank)% increased Mythstone drop rarity18
NadrojiIncrease rare Legend drop rate +12.5%18
Ninja(rank)% to cast Quick Attack on Dodge, (rank2)% to cast Blink Strike on Quick Attack18
Overload(5 * rank)% chance to cast a blinding AoE when struck for (rank2)% MH DMG18
PathfinderPathfinder changed to - Reduces DMG taken by (rank)% of total Dodge, Increases DMG dealt by (rank)% of total Dodge18
Periphery(7 * rank)% Chance to spawn a Whirling Chakram on any Chakram's Return18
PermafrostIncreases Ice DMG by12.5% per rank, MP absorb by 7.5 per rank18
PlaguedIncrease Total HP and Total AR +25%. Increase DoT DMG +25% for each enemy poisoned18
RageIncreases AR by (rank)% of your Crit Chance, Adds Crit DMG by (rank)% of your Crit Chance18
ReachtorOrb now casts Arc each half second for (12 * rank)% MH DMG18
SadismSummoned Minions take 5% HP of DMG every second. Summon DMG is Increase by 20% per rank of missing HP18
Satyr's SpiritIncrease Total MP% and Total AR% +12.5 Gold Find on gear18
ScoundrelIncreases Balance by +20% and Dodge by +5%. Change MH Skills to Quick Attack and BlinkStrike18
Seven Deadly SinsIncreases the value of all Percent based affixes on all gear by +5% (excluding Crystal Affixes). +All Sets cap is 018
Smoke ScreenSmokebombs are now cast on a random enemy within (rank) yards.18
Spell SwordChange MH Skills to comet and Meteor Increases All Resist and Total MP by 20% per rank18
Spirit MasterIncreases the total possible Spirit Minions summoned by (rank) (rounded down) and summon related skill ranks by (rank2)18
SummonerIncrease all spiritmancer talents by 2 per rank and all summon Item Affix values by 7.5% per rank18
TerrashaperIncrease EarthShatter Proc +7.5% Gives +7.% chance to cast EarthShatter when truck (0.5s CD)18
TricksterGives a 20% chance per rank to cast a Mirror Image when using off hand Special18
Vampiric TouchIncreases Bleed DMG and Total HP +12.5%. Heals 1% HP when Applying Bleed.Makes HP Regen = 018
ZealotryEquipping Hammers +Attack and Move Speed by (rank)%. Equipping Shields +DMG by (rank)%.18