Normal Affixes (yellow)

Name Description Minimum Maximum
(element) DMGGives DMG to (element) weapons after ED%502500
Attack SpeedIncreases APS (Attack Per Second)2.57.5
MP ReduceReduces weapon's Mana cost820
Crit ChanceGives Crit chance2.57.5
Crit DMG Gives DMG to Crits1037.5
MP Regen Restores MP over time50500
MP on Hit Restores MP when you hit enemies5200
HP Regen Heals HP over time50


HP on Hit Heals HP when you hit an enemy5


Gold Find Increases Gold Drop Rate 1037.5
Luck Increases rarity of items dropped1037.5
(element) Resist Gives Resist to (element)40200
All Resist Gives Resist to all elements 25125
(element) DMG% Increases DMG to (element) weapons510
HP Gives HP 1002500
MP Gives MP 1002500
Weapon DMG% Increases weapon's Base DMG (rank)%525
Weapon DMG+ Gives DMG to a weapon after WD%502500
Extra Attack Chance Gives a chance for additional attack(s)12
Armor Gives (rank) AR2501250
Dodge Gives Dodge chance2.55
Block Gives Block chance512.5
Weaken Reduces enemy's Resist2.55
Empty Socket Adds a slot for socketing 00

Epic Affixes (orange)

Name Description Minimum Maximum
ElemCrit Chance to cast Toxic, Orbit, Immolate, Freeze, Paralyze2.510
Bleed Chance Increases chance for attacks to cause Bleed 2.510
Bleed DMG Increases DMG dealt by Bleeds 1050
Crushing Blow Chance to take 25% of enemy's Current Health 2.510
Deadly Strike Chance to do double Critical DMG on Critical Strike 2.510
Weaken Reduces all Enemy Resists by (rank)% 2.510
Total HP Increases Total HP by (rank)% 525
Total MP Increases Total MP by (rank)% 525
Total AR Increases Total AR by (rank)% 525
Reduced CD Reduced all Cooldowns by (rank)% 515
(Element) DMG Increases All (element) DMG Dealt 505000
Attack Speed Increases overall Attack Speed 2.515
MP Reduce Reduces Weapon spell's Mana Cost 840
Crit Chance Increased chance of Critical hits 2.515
Crit DMG Increased DMG of Critical hits 1075
MP Regen Regenerates (rank) MP over 5sec 50500
MP on Hit Each hit replenishes MP 5250
HP Regen Regenerates (rank) HP over 5sec 50500
HP on Hit Each hit replenishes HP 5250
Gold Find Increased Gold Drop Rate 575
Luck Increased Rarity of Items Dropped 575
(Element) Resist Increased Overall resistance to (element) DMG 40400
All Resist Increased resistance to All Elements 25250
(Element) DMG Increases all (element) DMG Dealt 520
HP Increased total HP 1007500
MP Increased total MP 1005000
Weapon DMG% Increases weapon's Base DMG (rank)%5100
Weapon DMG+ Increased Weapon DMG 505000
Extra Attack Chance Adds a chance for An Additional Attack 12
Armor Increased Armor Rating 2502500
Dodge Increased Chance to Dodge 2.510
Block Increased Chance to Block 1025

Wizard Skills Affixes

Skill Description Minimum Maximum
BlastBlasts enemies for (rank)% weapon DMG each second110
CometFires a bolt that explodes on hit and deals (rank)% weapon DMG to all enemies in area110
PierceFires a bolt that pierces through all enemies110
BarrageFires bolts quickly with 50% increased attack speed multiplier110
TeleportFires off an (rank)% offhand DMG explosion and teleports Wizard forward110
SkullShieldSummons a Skull that acts as a turret, firing at nearby enemies for (rank)% offhand DMG110
ManaShieldSummons a shield that takes mana when hit, and reflects (rank)% offhand DMG110
SummonSummons an offensive spirit. While active this skill boosts move and attack spd by 50%110
TwisterSummons a torrential twister that pulls enemies and deals (rank)% weapon DMG per hit110
MeteorSummons a meteor from the sky that deals (rank)% weapon DMG on impact to all enemies hit110
OrbFires a piercing orb that travels through enemies hitting for (rank)% weapon DMG per hit110
StormSummons a devestating storm that deals (rank)% weapon DMG over 5 seconds110
ShatterTeleports the Wizard forward and explodes on impact for (rank)% offhand DMG110
SkulldragaSummons a giant skulldra that shoots 3 (rank)% offhand DMG projectiles at once110
TimeWarpSummons field that slows everything within, adds (rank)% offhand DMG to bolts110
CommandSummons a defensive spirit. While active this skill taunts and heals all minions for 10% HP110

Warrior Skills Affixes

Skill Description Minimum Maximum
CleaveCleaves all enemies in front of the warrior with a 30% chance to cause bleeding110
FlurrySlashes enemies very quickly with 50% increased attack speed multiplier110
SmashSmashes the ground causing an shockwave that DMGs for (rank)% DMG110
ChargeLunges forward, knocking back all enemies along the way for (rank)% weapon DMG110
BashDeals (rank)% offhand DMG to all enemies with 100% Knockback110
SprintIncrease speed by 50% and leaves behind pools of elements that deals (rank)% offhand DMG110
TossThrows 3 hatchets with a 30% chance to cause bleeding on impact110
FearPlants a Totem in the ground that DMGs and fears all nearby enemies110
WhirlwindSpins furiously for 3 seconds, striking everyone in range for (rank)% weapon DMG110
ThrowSwordLaunches the Warrior's sword forward, piercing through enemies for (rank)% DMG110
EarthShatterErupts the ground infront of the warrior, stunning enemies and causing a large crater for (rank)% DMG110
KnightsChargeThe Warrior rushes forward, dealing up to (rank)% weapon DMG with knockback110
ShieldWallReduces all DMG taken by 40% and +Reflect DMG by (rank)% for 4 seconds.110
TorrentSummons three Torrents that deals (rank)% offhand DMG each tick110
ScalpSummons 3 rotating hatchets dealing (rank)% offhand DMG every .5 sec with 100% bleed chance110
TauntPlants a Totem in the ground that DMGs and pulls all nearby enemies toward the Warrior110

Rogue Skills Affixes

Skill Description Minimum Maximum
GuidedShotShoots a nature guided arrow that seeks and pierces the nearest enemy110
BoomerangThrows a Chakram that magically trails back to the Rogue110
QuickAttackA precision strike that decreases the Cooldown of the weapon's Special110
RicochetFires special bullets that can ricochet off walls up to 4 times losing 25% DMG per strike110
VaultLeaps forward causing Blind to all enemies near110
LayTrapThrows a trap in front of the Rogue that links to other traps, dealing (rank)% offhand DMG110
SwapSwap places with nearest mirror image or enemy. Stuns and DMG +2x if with Mirror Image110
CoatWeaponCoats weapons to cause next attack to Crit and Elemental Crit110
MultiShotFires a deadly barrage of arrows for (rank)% weapon DMG110
WhirlingBladesThrows two Chakrams in a spiral pattern110
BlinkStrikeTeleports to targeted enemy, dealing (rank)% weapon DMG110
ScatterShotFires a blast that deals (rank)% weapon DMG and blinds enemies110
SmokeBombCasts a Smoke Cloud that Blinds and deals (rank)% offhand DMG per sec. Next attack is dodged.110
SentryThrows out 3 traps at once that deal (rank)% offhand DMG110
MirrorImageSummons a copy of the Rogue that copies mainhand abilities for 5 secs110
StealthDodges all attacks for 2 seconds, and removes all DoTs110

Wizard Talents Affixes

Talent Description Minimum Maximum
Sorcery(rank)% Element Effect effectivness110
CosmicIncrease All Resist by (rank)110
BarrierMana Shield MP consumes (rank)% MP110
Focus(rank)% Weapon DMG110
Necrotic(rank)% Skull DMG110
Prowess(rank)% Minion DMG110
Wizardry(rank)% Element Critical chance110
Amplify(rank)% DMG for each Element Effect on enemy110
InsightAdds (rank)% Dodge, gain (rank2) MP with each Dodge110
Infusion(rank)% of your All Resists applies to damage taken by your Mana Shield110
Boost(rank)% Minion Move and Attack Speed110
SacrificeMinions explode for (rank)% Minion DMG on death110
Magnify(rank)% Area of Effect range110
AstralIncreases Elemental DMG by (rank)% of All Resist110
ContinuityTime Warp also slows melee by (rank)%110
BewilderProjectiles have a (rank)% chance to Stun110
Diffusion(rank)% DMG diverted to Spirit Minions110
SpiritualAll minions have (rank)% chance to Extra Attack110
Prismatic(rank)% chance to cast other elements110
Fester(rank)% Element Effect duration110
MasteryPrimary attacks have (rank)% chance to finish their Special Cooldowns110
Empower(rank)% Power, (rank2)% Max HP110
Reclaim(rank)% chance to cast Skull Shield on attack110
Recall(rank)% chance to cast Summon on attack110

Warrior Talents Affixes

Talent Description Minimum Maximum
Might(rank)% Elemental DMG110
Blessed(rank)% All Spell Resist110
CrushIncrease Shield DMG by (rank)% Block110
Hardened(rank) Armor per Health stat point110
SharpenedSwords and Axes increase Crit DMG by (rank)%110
BrutalityBleeding enemies take (rank)% more damage110
Fanaticism(rank)% to cast Charge on attack110
CleanseBlocking has a (rank)% chance to purge all negative effects and heal (rank) HP110
Phalanx(rank)% per rank to cast Shield Wall on block (2 second CD)110
Provocation(rank)% to cast Taunt on attack110
LacerateIncrease Bleed DMG by (rank)% 110
Fustigate(rank)% chance to Stun enemies110
ZealousWhen above 75% HP, (rank)% Move and (rank2)% DMG110
MindfulElement affected enemies give (rank)% MP Regen110
BulwarkBlocked attack give (rank)% Block for 5 seconds110
SalvationReduces all DMG taken by (rank)% Block%110
Assault(rank)% chance to cast Toss on attack110
SufferingBleeding enemies have (rank)% chance to miss110
PrayerUsing offhand heals for (rank)% HP110
WrathPeriodically DMGs nearby enemies for (rank)% DMG110
ReflectBlocked Attacks Reflect for (rank)% DMG110
Intimidation(rank)% to cast Fear on hit110
BloodbathHeal for (rank)% of Total HP when Bleed DMG is dealt110
Frenzy(rank)% Move and Attack Speed Multiplier when enemies bleed110

Rogue Talents Affixes

Talent Description Minimum Maximum
FletcherAttack Speed Multiplier while using a bow is increased by (rank)%110
Deadfall(rank)% Trap duration and (rank2)% Trap DMG110
Pistoleer(rank)% increased chance of bullets ricocheting to enemies110
NoxiousSmoke Bomb reduces enemy resists by (rank)%110
Celerity(rank)% increased speed of Chakrams110
MutilateExtra and Multi attacks deal (rank)% more DMG110
Stagger(rank)% chance for critical strikes to Stun enemies110
Mirage(rank)% chance to cast an additional Mirror Image110
Rebound(rank)% DMG of ricocheted bullets110
Bombardier(rank)% chance to cast another bomb after using Bomb110
Veil(rank)% per rank increased DMG while Stealthed110
RelentlessDMG dealt to an enemy is increased by (rank)% of their missing HP%110
Ensnaring(rank)% chance for Traps to Root enemies in place for 3 seconds110
DeceptionWhen Mirror Images are summoned, enemy chance to miss is increased by (rank)%110
Propulsion(rank)% chance to knockback enemies with projectiles110
RemedyHeal (rank) HP per Dodge110
Blindside(rank)% DMG on Chakram return110
CounterDodged attacks deal (rank)% Reflect DMG to enemy110
IllusionIncreased duration of Mirror Images by (rank)%110
Ambush(rank)% chance for projectiles to spawn traps on impact110
DextrousIncreases Critical Damage ( beyond cap ) of your next attack by (rank)% on Dodge110
Darkness(rank)% more DMG to enemies who are blinded110
Razored(rank)% chance for attacks to cause bleeding110
DeadeyeAdds (rank)% Deadly Strike chance110

Legend Affixes (red)

Description Min Max Roll Loot
Multi Attack Adds (rank) additional attack for 50% DMG 12YesYes
Summon Fury Chance on attack to summon a Fury Minion 15YesYes
Summon Haste Increase Move and Attack Speed of Minions 110YesYes
Item Drops Increased Item Drop Rate 1050YesYes
Move Speed Increased Movement Speed 515YesYes
Reflect DMG Increased DMG reflected back at Enemy 50250YesYes
Glasscannon Increased DMG at the cost of total HP 1050YesYes
AoE Range Increased Radius of Aera of Effect spells in yards 0.22YesYes
ElemCrit DMG Blistering, Celestial, Blight, High Voltage, Frostbiting10100YesYes
Elemental Critical Increases Toxic, Torrent, Freezing, Immolate and Orbit530YesYes
Resource Cost Increased Reduction of Resource Costs 2.510YesYes
Explosive Attacks have a 5% chance to cause an explosion for (rank)% MH DMG 40400YesYes
Summon DMG Increased all DMG dealt by Summons 525YesYes
Summon HP Increased all HP of Summons 525YesYes
Perseverance Reduces DMG taken from all DOTs by (rank)% 1050YesNo
Mythology Increased DMG of Mythic Skills by (rank)% 1050NoYes
Slow Projectile Slows the speed of All Projectiles Cast 525NoYes
Pickup Radius Increases the range that items are picked up 15NoYes
Specialist Chance to cast your Special Skill for free 1 second after Casting 525NoYes
Control Duration Increases duration of your control impairing effects by (rank)% 525NoYes
In Control Reduces duration of control impairing effects on you by (rank)% 525NoYes
DMG to Elites Increased DMG dealt to Magic Rarity and above enemies 525NoYes
Arc Dodge Each Dodge has a (rank)% chance to cast Arc on a nearby Enemy 525NoYes
Strength Increase the Heroic Skill Rank of Strength 110NoYes
Dexterity Increase the Heroic Skill Rank of Dexterity 110NoYes
Intelligence Increase the Heroic Skill Rank of Intelligence 110NoYes
Fortune Increase the Heroic Skill Rank of Fortune 110NoYes
Element DMG%Increase All Element DMG Percent50100NoYes
Weapon DMG% Increased Weapon DMG Percent 50200NoYes
Armor Increased Armor Rating 5005000NoYes
Balance Adds (rank)% Total HP and Total MP 550NoYes
Regeneration Adds (rank)% Total HP Regen and MP Regen 525NoYes
Killswitch Traps now explode for (rank)% OH DMG when destroyed 1050NoYes
MP Absorb (rank)% of DMG taken absorbed into MP 220NoYes
All Skills Increases skill modifier power on gear by (rank) 12NoYes
Elemental Critical Increases Toxic, Torrent, Freezing, Immolate and Orbit 2.510YesYes
Set Numbers + Increases all Set Numbers on gear by (rank) 12NoYes
Ignore Resist Attacks ignore all enemy Resists 10YesYes
ClearCast Chance for spells cast to be free 2.525YesYes
MirrorCast Chance for all spells cast to be copied 525NoYes
EXP Gain Increases EXP Gain by (rank)% 515YesYes
Chance to Blind Chance to Blind enemies for 5-10 sec 2.510YesYes
Chance to KnockBack Chance to KnockBack enemies on attack 2.510YesYes
Frozen Resist Cannot be Frozen YesYes
Fear NoYes
Stun Resist Reduce Stun duration NoYes
Blind Cannot be Blinded NoYes
Meteor Proc Chance to Cast Meteor on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Orb Proc Chance to Cast Orb on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Storm Proc Chance to Cast Storm on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Twister Proc Chance to Cast Twister on Attack per Second 525YesYes
TimeWarp Proc Chance to Cast TimeWarp on Attack per Second 525YesYes
EarthShatter Proc Chance to Cast EarthShatter on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Torrent Proc Chance to Cast Torrent on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Throw Sword Proc Chance to Cast Throw Sword on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Bomb Proc Chance to Cast Bomb on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Stealth Proc Chance to Cast Stealth on Attack per Second 15YesYes
MirrorImage Proc Chance to Cast MirrorImage on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Taunt Proc Chance to Cast Taunt on Attack per Second 525YesYes
ShieldWall Proc Chance to Cast ShieldWall on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Sprint Proc Chance to Cast Sprint on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Coat Proc Chance to Cast Coat on Attack per Second 525YesYes
BlinkStrike Proc Chance to Cast BlinkStrike on Attack per Second 525YesYes
Sentry Proc Chance to Cast Sentry on Attack per Second 525YesYes
All Elementalist Increased rank of all Elementalist talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Arch Mage Increased rank of all Arch Mage talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Spiritmancer Increased rank of all Spiritmancer talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Champion Increased rank of all Champion talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Defender Increased rank of all Defender talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Berserker Increased rank of all Berserker talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Ranger Increased rank of all Ranger talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Pirate Increased rank of all Pirate talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Assassin Increased rank of all Assassin talents by (rank) 15YesYes
All Talents Increased rank of all talents by (rank) 12YesYes
All Healing Increases Healing by HP on Hit, Regen, Potions and Orbs by (rank)% 1050NoYes
Taunt Immune Cannot be Taunted11YesNo
Barbarian Increases (rank)% DMG at the cost of (rank)% Total Resource1050YesNo
Push the Limit Increases Resource Cost and Total Dmg by (rank)% 1050YesNo

Crystal Affixes (Cyan)

Description Minimum Maximum
Attack Speed Increased overall Attack Speed 2.545
Reduced Cost Reduces all Spell's mana Cost 2.545
Reduced CD Reduces all Cooldown by (rank)% 2.545
Crit Chance Increased Chance of Critical hits 2.545
Crit DMG Increased DMG of Critical Hits 150225
MP Regen Regenerates (rank) MP Over 5sec 501500
HP Regen Regenerates (rank) HP Over 5sec 501500
MP on Hit Each hit replenishes MP 5500
HP on Hit Each hit replenishes HP 5500
Gold Find Increased Gold Drop Rate 10225
Luck Increased Rarity of Items Dropped 10225
All Resist Increased Resistance to All Elements 25750
Total HP Increased total HP 575
Total MP Increased total MP 575
Armor Increased Armor Rating 2507500
Dodge Increased chance to Dodge 2.530
Block Increased chance to Block 2.545
Crushing Blow Chance to take 25% of Enemy's Current Health 2.530
Deadly Strike Chance to deal Crit DMG if Crit Misses 2.530
Weaken Chance to reduce enemy resists by 50% 2.590

Set Affixes (green)

Name Description Minimum Maximum
AscendentResists and Prismatic (rank)%, Arcane DMG reduces other resists by (rank2)% (base= 12 * rank)18
Permafrost(rank)% Ice DMG, (rank2)% DMG taken converts to MP18
PlaguedIncreases HP and Total AR% by (rank)%. Increases {0144} DoT DMG for each Enemy poisoned by (rank2)%18
Blood MagicReplaces all MP, MP Regen, and MP Leech with HP equivalents, and removes your MP bar. You now use HP to cast spells. Spell cost doubled. DMG increased by 80% of missing HP.18
ElectrifiedReflect DMG is applied to area, and + by (rank)%. Attacks have a (rank2)% chance to Paralyze.18
DruidicHP and MP Regen (rank)%. Poison DoT DMG * (HP+MP Regen)/400018
Terrashaper(rank)% chance to cast EarthShatter on hit and attack (base= 7 * rank)18
Spell SwordSkills -> Comet and Meteor. All Resists and Total MP increased by (rank)%18
Battle MageSkills -> Charge and Whirlwind. Total Armor % and Total HP increased by (rank)% (base= 20 * rank)18
SummonerIncreases all Spiritmancer talents by (rank) and boosts all Summon item affix values by (rank2)%18
AftermathGives Meteor (25 * rank)% Taunt proc, Shatter (25 * rank)% Fear proc, (rank)% Reset CD18
Cosmic Power(rank)% MP and MP Regen. Time Warp adds (rank2)% DMG to projectiles18
Faun's GiftsIncreases Total HP% and All Resist by (rank)% Luck on Gear18
Living ForceAll projectiles are pulled back to caster for (rank)% DMG on return18
Vampiric TouchIncreases Bleed DMG and Total HP by (rank)%, applying bleed heals 1% HP. Removes HP Regen18
Satyr's SpiritIncreases Total MP% and Total AR% by (rank)% Gold on Gear18
MomentumAll DMG dealt increased by (10 * rank)% * Current Movement Speed +%18
PathfinderPathfinder changed to - Reduces DMG taken by (rank)% of total Dodge, Increases DMG dealt by (rank)% of total Dodge18
Deadly ArtsDeadly Strikes have a (1 * rank)% chance to finish all Cooldowns, DMG taken reduced by Deadly Strike%18
Trickster(20 * rank)% Chance to cast a Mirror Image when using Offhand Special18
BuccaneerScatter Shot's DMG increased by (rank)% of your Gold Find on gear18
IceburnWhile Mana Shield is active, deal (12 * rank)% MH DMG to nearby enemies18
RageIncreases AR by (rank)% of your Crit Chance, Adds Crit DMG by (rank)% of your Crit Chance18
Overload(5 * rank)% chance to cast a blinding AoE when struck for (rank2)% MH DMG18
FrozenFrozen enemies create a (rank)% of DMG Dealt explosion when killed.18
BallistaBoosts Thrown Item DMG by (rank)% for every yard traveled. Adds (rank2)% to Knockback18
Periphery(7 * rank)% Chance to spawn a Whirling Chakram on any Chakram's Return18
Ninja(rank)% to cast Quick Attack on Dodge, (rank2)% to cast Blink Strike on Quick Attack18
IdentityCasting spells from other classes boost their DMG by (rank)%18
ZealotryEquipping Hammers +Attack and Move Speed by (rank)%. Equipping Shields +DMG by (rank)%.18
AdventurerWhile Gold Collected indicator is showing, +Move Speed and DMG by (rank)%18
EqualityIncreases DMG and All Regen by (rank)% of your HP/MP equality %18
NadrojiIncreases the chance to find extremely rare Legends by (12 * rank)%18
DefiantIncreases DMG and DMG Reduction by 25%, increased by %(5 * rank) of total HP% missing18
MaelstromIncreases the DMG of all proc spells by (rank)%18
Mythical(25 * rank)% increased Mythstone drop rarity18
Crystalline(rank)% increased Crystal drop rarity18
Eternalized(rank)% increased Eternal drop rate18
Spirit MasterIncreases the total possible Spirit Minions summoned by (rank) (rounded down) and summon related skill ranks by (rank2)18
ReactorOrb now casts Arc each half second for (12 * rank)% MH DMG18
GladiatorDebuffs hit enemies with (rank)% reduced healing. Empowers Trophy affixes by (rank)%18
InfernoIncreases Fire DMG by (rank)%, Fire DMG increases enemy's DoT speed by (rank)% for 4 seconds.18
Aethereal DrainIncreases Elemental Crit Chance by (rank)% and Total MP by (rank2)%, elemental crits restore 1% MP. Removes MP Regen. 18
ScoundrelSkills -> Quick Attack and BlinkStrike. (rank)% to cast Sentry on attack, (rank2)% to cast Stealth on hit. 18
Seven Deadly SinsIncreases the value of all Percent based affixes on all gear by (rank)% (excluding Crystal Affixes). +All Sets cap is 0.18
MasochismIncrease DMG by (rank)% while below 75% Health. When above 50% HP, Healing effects damage you. 18
Smoke ScreenSmokebombs are now cast on a random enemy within (rank) yards. 18
Cerebral Vortex Increases MP and Total Resist% by (rank). (rank2)% Chance to cast a Torrent on enemies that hit you.18
MayhemFor each unique spell proc you can trigger, gain (rank)% Proc DMG and (rank2)% Chance to Stun on all attacks.18
EpiphanyIncreases all stat caps by (rank)% 18
BerserkerChance to stun enemies is equal your Attack Speed on gear. Each time you stun an enemy, restore (rank)% HP.18
Seven Deadly SinsIncreases the value of all Percent based affixes on all gear by +5% (excluding Crystal Affixes). +All Sets cap is 018

Dependent Affix

Set Condition
Aftermath150% Meteor damage, 4 aftermath equipped
Zealotry25% all healing, 4 zealotry equipped
Pathfinder 150% Multishot dmg, 4 pathfinder equipped
Permafrost10000 MP regen, 4 Permafrost equipped
Cerebral Vortex150% Torrent dmg, 25 resource cost equipped
Druidic10000 HP regen, 4 Druidic equipped
Berserker200% bleed dmg, 3 berserker equipped
Plagued150% Storm dmg, 4 plagued equipped
NadrojiGain 100% Enemy Rarity when you have at least 2 Nadroji equipped.
InfernoGain 200% DoT Duration when you have at least 4 Inferno equipped.
AscendentGain 50% Elemental Weaken when you have at least 2 Ascendent equipped.
EpiphanyGain 70% Total DMG% when you have at least 70% Attack Speed equipped.
BerserkerGain 200% Bleed DMG when you have at least 3 Berserker equipped.
Kindness Get 150% Total MP when you have at least 5 Seven Deadly Sins equipped
ChastityGain 400% Luck when you have at least 6 Seven Deadly Sins equipped.
TemperanceGain 150% All Healing when you have at least 7 Seven Deadly Sins equipped.
EmpyreanDeal an additional 50% MH DMG when you cause an Elemental Critical
HumilityGain 150% Total HP when you have at least 5 Seven Deadly Sins equipped.
PatienceGain 200% Total DMG % when you have at least 4 Seven Deadly Sins equipped.
DiligenceGain 150% Move Speed when you have at least 3 Seven Deadly Sins equipped.

Mythics Affixes (Purple)

Name Description
AlchemyReduces the highest of HP/MP when losing them and increases the lowest of either when recovering. Increases DMG by 50% of your lowest current HP/MP %
ArcBeams of energy chain off of enemies, hitting up to 5 targets
Blood MagicConverts Resource system to HP. Replaces all MP, MP Regen, and MP Leech with HP equivalents. Doubles Spell cost. Increases DMG by 200% of missing HP
BombardCall down a barrage of Meteors from the Sky
BrutalDeadly Strike deals 3x crit damage instead of 2x
CosmicOrbLaunches an orb that releases bolts that deal 100% MH DMG
CycloneSpin furiously while striking and pulling in all nearby enemies
DauntlessReduces DMG taken by 1% for every enemy within 10 yards of you
DesperationOn casting a spell that you don't have enough resource for, gain mana equal to your MP Regen (beyond default MP Regen)
DiscordanceThe Cooldown, mana cost, damage, extra attack chances and multi attack for Primary and Special skills of your main hain are switched
DraughtYour MP potion increases attack and move speed by 50% for 5 seconds instead of restoring MP
EarthquakeShatter the earth around you for 3 seconds, causing enemies to be stunned
EffectiveWhen dealing damage, changes element to the enemy's usual weakness
EmpyreanDeal an additional 50% MH DMG when you cause an Elemental Critical
EnergyConvert Resource system to Energy. Primary skills cost 10 Energy, Specials cost 30. Recovers 30% Energy every second. Total Energy is 100. DMG dealt increased by current Energy %
EnigmaBends reality and teleports forward, shattering the earth at the start and finish
EquivalenceAverages your total HP and MP to the same value. Reduces DMG taken and resource cost by 65% of your current HP/MP equality %
ExposedEnemies that have been pierced by projectiles take 50% more DMG from all attacks
Fleeting100% MP regen (up from 25%) while moving and no longer has a penalty
FuryConverts Resource system to Fury. Makes Primary skills recover 25% Fury and Specials cost 40% Fury. Lose 5% Fury every second. Increases Specials' DMG by Fury %  ( more to change later )
HarmonyWhenever you restore HP, gain 25% of the HP gained in MP. Whenever you restore MP, gain 25% of the MP gained in HP
HunterShrines will always spawn 1-3 shrine guardians
MirroredReflect Damage Increased by Block Chance
MythicalAll Mythic Skills deal 25% more DMG
NovaCause an Elemental explosion with 100% chance for Elemental Critical
RecoverIncreases HP Regen by 100% when out of combat
RedirectReflect Damage is now also applied to Dodged or Blocked enemies
ResourcefulResource orbs explode for the % recovered in MH DMG
RockBlastLaunches a series of elemental rocks forward, knocking back all enemies hit
RupturedBleeding enemies take 50% more damage
SanctuaryAutomatically recover 25% HP when you suffer a hit that would kill you. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.
Serenity Restore 1% MP on critical hits
SkilledIncrease the damage of Primary skills by 50%
SummonerReduces DMG taken by 3% for every summoned minion active
SureshotGain 100% Deadly Strike against enemies at full health.
SynergyCommand's heal and Summon's speed boost also affect you
UnityAll your resists match your highest resist
Vanish10% Chance to Cast Vanish on Attack per Second